Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pictures of the baby!

Well, not pictures of the actual baby, because again, we are not sure about that whole situation yet. We went to the Dr. today, and the Dr. continues to insist that Brooke is pregnant and does not have a kidney problem. He said something about hearing the heartbeat, blah, blah, blah....

We did want to share some pictures of the manger. This is where the "baby" will sleep when he finally returns home. Be careful with that last picture, though, that is actually not the baby. We just put him in there to make sure the crib is functioning properly.

Brooke is feeling pretty good. She is ready to have the baby though. She has started a new technique to try and kick start the process. She is walking in circles in the house. This plan was formulated after noticing that it is exactly what our dog does before she "does her business." We are hoping that it will help Brooke go into labor, and not have any of the other side effects.

I am also including some pictures of our dog, Chops Caraher. I realize some of you may have never seen our dog, and others might of only glimpsed her for a moment as she ran terrified into a hiding spot.

And, for the record, Brooke makes me carry the dog around to practice for the baby. That is not the reason why Chops has a cast on her leg though.


Andy said...

Wow...Joe, I had no idea you could be so funny...the walking in circles had me laughing out loud!

Andy said...

If I don't get a txt, I'll keep checking your blog for updates. Good luck guys!

Ronheathman said...

Um . . . I have one question for you Joe.

Chip Berry said...

Joe, you and Brooke are busy people, so I'm glad to hear you're getting a manager for the "baby." And if the baby's born this Saturday, will you have to thank Iowa?

Kathi said...

Brooke and Joe, What a cute (big) baby. My condolences regarding the Penn St vs Iowa game, however with Brian now living in Iowa and since Sam was born on Brian's birthday, I can't be sad for Papa Joe and for you, Papa Joe.
Keep posting those pic's and Joe, your comments are hilarous.
Love ya!