Sunday, November 2, 2008

First Post

Hi all. We decided that instead of making phone calls, sending emails, writing letters, or generally communicating at all, we would just do like everyone else and write a blog. I originally asked Brooke that since we were writing a blog, why couldn't we just have one of those "cyber" kids, sort of like a virtual pet. She walked out of the room so I am assuming that she is still thinking about it.

We are anxiously awaiting either the arrival of our first child, or confirmation of my suspicion that Brooke has the world's worst kidney infection. Do not worry though, if it turns out to be a kidney infection, I will continue to blog about that instead, and we will also have some really great items for sale.

We spent today putting together a few final pieces of our equipment to place in the baby's manger. I took a tepid step toward fatherhood by expressing a concern about the look and quality of one particular piece of equipment. I was quickly shut down and informed that I was being unreasonable. We then moved the piece I was concerned about into a more prominent position in the house. I find that commenting on our furniture is a bit like poison ivy. The more you scratch it the worse it gets.

Overall the preparations are good. We took the baby from room to room today to assure him that all is prepared for his arrival in the hopes of encouraging him to actually show up. No movement yet. Our next step is to try to scare him out by having me jump out from behind doors and such. That will be next week.

I hope everyone is well, and we will get some pictures posted as soon as we get them into our computer. We have that scheduled for sometime in the next 10 years.


Kathi said...

Okay, I got into work today and started the day laughing so hard that if I was pregnant...IF, the baby would of dropped out. Hey, Brooke, try laughing. Joe, you are an amazing blogger. Write a book and I'll buy the first copy. I have been thinking of you guys and hope the delivery is soon and an easy one for Brooke...oh yeah, and you too Joe. Keep us posted.
Love ya, Kathi

SHERARD said...

Brooke, I have been keeping you in my thoughts. Of course this would only happen to you right...just think you'll have a healthy big boy before you know it! Take care and look forward to seeing pics of the little one!! I hear there is a place in Durham that if you drink their shake you'll deliver within 24h. It is called McDonalds ironically enough. Love - sherard