Friday, November 14, 2008


I am attaching some pictures of the return trip home for Sam. He had a nice trip home, and sat comfortably in the car for the entire 5 minutes it took to drive from the hospital to our house. He also sat comfortably for the 25 minutes it took me to figure out how to buckle him into the car seat. To avoid future experiences like this, I am considering just leaving him in the car seat until he is like 6 years old, but Brooke feels that would be a detriment to breastfeeding. Speaking of Brooke, Mom is resting comfortably, and seems to be adjusting to Sam's schedule pretty well. She is recovering nicely from the surgery thanks to Motrin, Percoset, and Gin. (I'm kidding! At least I think I am, she certainly seem to be drinking a lot juice lately...).

Sam has settled into a nice schedule. He wakes up eats, and then takes his morning nap. He then wakes up, eats again and takes his midmorning nap. This schedule holds pretty well until about 10:00 p.m. when he feels the need to scream for at least an hour. I keep looking for an effective discipline model for him, but since Brooke has banned me from asking questions of the Dr.'s anymore one avenue has been cut out. There is always the internet, which I find to be an almost infinite source of wisdom and solid information. It is how we were able to diagnosis my spinal menigitis a few years back (the Doctor said it was dehydration, but, come on, what do they know? That can't even tell me how to make a baby stop crying).

He choose his own outfit for coming home! Seriously, he did. I think it was his apology for the Iowa game disaster.

The angry look on his face is a result of the life and death struggle I had to buckle that car seat correctly.

Proof that I got him in the seat right, because it is Mom approved. How about Mom? She looks great doesn't she? (FYI, there is only one correct answer to that question...).

I'm working on introducing the grandparents. I should have that up in a few days.


Beth said...

Wow, he is adorable! He looks so sweet bundled up in the car seat. this your wife? How can somebody look that good after just having a baby?

Ryan said...

Congratulations Guys!! I'm glad everything is well. We'll have to get our boys together sometime soon.