Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Final Countdown

Tomorrow is D-Day. "D" for delivery, of course. The doctor told me that my role is actually fairly small (whew!), oh, and that I was not allowed to touch the scalpel.

The big news was that we settled on a name today. It became pretty easy once we took Jim Tressel Caraher off the table. We decided on William Hunter Caraher.

We have fought about the bed situation, but it seem that Brooke has finally won out. She says that Hunter will likely want to do exactly like big brother Sam, so we should just put him in the double bed right away. I kept insisting, no, no, we need a crib. I worry about her sometimes...

For those of you wondering, yes, the name Hunter was a tribute to Brooke's grandfather. Of course we felt it was doubly relevant because it is also a tribute to many other important people in our life, including Hunter S. Thompson, The Deerhunter, Hunter for the Red October, William S. Burroughs, other people named Hunter, and, of course, Bruce Springsteen.

Hope everyone is well, and I'll keep you posted on any important updates tomorrow.

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